How can I migrate my installation from DVBLink to TVMosaic

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Before moving from DVBLink to TVMosaic, please make sure that your tuner is supported (Which tuners are supported by TVMosaic).

TVMosaic may run alongside DVBLink on all supported platforms (of course, tuners cannot be used at the same time). Please make use of this feature to evaluate TVMosaic before you decide to move over.

There is no configuration restore from DVBLink (TVMosaic installation and configuration has to be done from the scratch).

DVBLink recording database format is back/forward compatible with TVMosaic. If coming from DVBLink, you need to replace TVMosaic's recorder_database.db (Where TVMosaic stores user data files) with dlrecorder.db ([1]) from DVBLink (do not forget to rename file). TVMosaic should pick up the DVBLink recordings automatically. Do not forget to stop TVMosaic server before copying database. And, in any case, save a backup copy of the database first!

Once the recorder database has been copied over, change the recording path in TVMosaic (Settings/Recorder) to the recording path, used in DVBLink.