Upgrade from DVBLink to TVMosaic

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All DVBLink customers can upgrade to TVMosaic with a discount.

All DVBLink customers, who purchased licenses on or after 1 October 2017 are entitled to a free upgrade to TVMosaic. This free upgrade policy ends on 30 June 2018 at 23:59 CET.

DVBLink TVAdviser products are upgraded to TVMosaic for free without any time restrictions.

The upgrade is purchased per "system" - e.g. one fee for all DVBLink products that run on a single system, being either Windows/Ubuntu/MacOS installation, Raspberry Pi or a NAS.

The upgrades are purchased from the user's account in DVBLink license portal (https://license.dvblogic.com/), using "Upgrade to TV Mosaic version 1.0.0" link that appears at the Actions tab:

Upgrade to tvmosaic.png

If you are entitled to the free upgrade then link "Free upgrade to to TV Mosaic version 1.0.0" will (also) appear.

Clicking on the link will lead you to the next screen where you can select the systems that you would like to upgrade:

Upgrade to tvmosaic products.png

Select the systems that you would like to upgrade and click on "Submit" button at the bottom of the list. Check your selection and, if everything is ok, proceed to the checkout stage to pay for an upgrade.

Once we receive your payment the old DVBLink licenses will be automatically substituted in the license portal with the TVMosaic Plus/TVAdviser licenses and you will be able to activate your TVMosaic products.