Where TVMosaic stores user data files

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The user data files - recordings, recordings database, transponders, licenses, common editable resources etc. - are stored in the following location:

  • On Windows: C:\ProgramData\DVBLogic\TVMosaic\data
  • On Ubuntu/Debian and Raspberry Pi - Raspbian: /opt/TVMosaic/
  • On MacOS: /Users/Shared/TVMosaic
  • On Raspberry Pi - openelec: /storage/tvmosaic.data/
  • On Synology/ASUSTOR/ReadyNAS: TVMosaic network share drive
  • On QNAP: TVMosaic directory inside Public network share drive

TMosaic server and (on desktop) web-server log files are at the root of TVMosaic user data directory.

The content of the TVMosaic user data directory is:

  • <channel_logo> - directory for channel logo files. Each folder is a category, having logo files under it.
  • <devices> - directory for smart plugins. There are directories for each tuner. You would need to create folder 'Plugins' under tuner folder and put dvbjcam files there.
  • <ffmpeg> - directory for ffmpeg transcoding profiles.
  • <licenses> - directory for license files
  • <RecordedTV> - default location for recordings
  • <scanners> - transponder files and iptv playlists
  • <ssl> - location for the SSL certificate to enable https connection to server
  • <xmltv> - location for local xmltv files
  • <recorder_database> - location for recordings database file