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TVMosaic can detect commercials as a part of SendTo operation. As a result of detecting commercials, TVMosaic creates an EDL (Edit Decision List) file, which can be used by other player applications to skip commercials.

Commercials detection can be enabled on each SendTo target separately.


TVMosaic commercials detection functionality uses comskip application.

Supported platforms

Commercial detection is a very CPU intensive process, which involves decoding and analyzing video content. Using it may, in certain cases, noticeably slow down SendTo operations.

Currently commercials detection is supported on all x86_64 platforms, namely: Windows, Ubuntu/Debian, MacOS, Synology x86_64, NETGEAR x86_64, ASUSTOR x86_64 and QNAP x86_64.

Commercial detection parameters

Comskip uses a large number of configurable parameters to find beginning and end of the commercial blocks. The combination of those parameters is known as a profile. Each profile has its own ini file, which is used by comskip.

TVMosaic installation contains a default profile - default.ini file.

It is possible for users to add their own comskip profile files. These new profile files have to be put into comskip/profiles subdirectory of the TVMosaic user directory. These new files can be selected using Settings button next to Enable checkbox on a SendTo target.