How to change temp files location

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The temp files location can be changed by manually editing tvmosaic_settings.xml, which is located in <TVMosaic installation directory>/data/config/.

<TVMosaic installation directory> differs per platform:

  • on Windows it is specified during installation
  • on Ubuntu/Debian/Raspbian it is /usr/local/bin/tvmosaic
  • on Openelec it is /storage/tvmosaic
  • on Synology it is /var/packages/TVMosaic/target
  • on QNAP: todo
  • on ASUSTOR: todo
  • on MacOS: todo

If the file does not exist yet, it has to be created. To do this, open TVMosaic desktop application, navigate to Settings/General and press Save button to save settings.

Stop TVMosaic server, open tvmosaic_settings.xml in the editor and add the following tag:

<temp_dir>path to the new temp directory</temp_dir>

Save the file and start TVMosaic server.