What is the difference between TVMosaic and DVBLink

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TVMosaic products have been developed with a goal to make them simple - simple to install, to understand, to use and to maintain. Products retain best DVBLink features and make them even better.

The main changes, comparing to DVBLink, are (but not limited to):

  • New software architecture, making product faster and resource efficient
  • Single installer, no separate products. It is all-in-one product, where its different parts can be activated if needed.
  • Fully functional free basic desktop product immediately after install, without activation (functionality, comparable to DVBLink Player)
  • Updated NAS models support, including Synology/QNAP latest arm64 products
  • Lightning-fast web browser interface for configuration and Guide/Recordings/MediaLibrary
  • Combined product for all sources - e.g. DVB and IPTV. There is no need to install extra products for different TV sources
  • Largely improved IPTV playlist support (tags, automatic epg mapping, logo, automatic favorites etc.)
  • Native Xtream Codes IPTV provider support, including VOD
  • Advanced recording scheduling algorithms and improved timer recording error recovery mechanisms
  • Docker support for x86-64 host platforms
  • Chromecast support
  • Hardware accelerated video transcoding
  • Commercial detection for SendTo function
  • New configuration UI with wizard for channel scan
  • Support for channels of different DVB standards on the same tuner, albeit not at the same time
  • Removed limit on maximum of 8 simultaneous network clients
  • From smart plugins - only dvbjcam is supported
  • Completely reworked paradigm of selected and merged channels. There is no more extra step for channel selection. All scanned channels will be automatically available, but can be hidden. Likewise, all channels are automatically merged by server if scanned from the same provider. The benefit - much easier maintenance on channel changes. The downside - channel merge between tuners of different DVB standards is not supported anymore.
  • No Windows MediaCenter support
  • No Dreambox support
  • No Analog TV support

Supported tuners

Unlike DVBLink, TVMosaic on Synology/QNAP/ASUSTOR does not include any USB tuner drivers. You may see if your tuner is supported by TVMosaic on the following page: Which tuners are supported by TVMosaic

If you currently use DVBLink with a 3rd party DVB-C/T/T2 tuner, which is not supported by TVMosaic on your NAS platform, you can purchase TVButler tuner for a very special price as a part of the TVMosaic introduction sale.