Where can I download DVBJCAM

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DVBJCAM for windows/macos/ubuntu/debian/syno_x86_64/syno_evansport/qnap_x86_64/asustor_x86_64/raspberry_pi can be downloaded here.

The dvbjcam files (dll/so and configuration) have to be put into the devices/<tuner name>/Plugins subdirectory, as described in Where TVMosaic stores user data files. https://wiki.tv-mosaic.com/index.php/Where_TVMosaic_stores_user_data_files

The configuration files have to be named as the dll/so file itself with a proper extension, e.g.

  • dvbjcam.conf, dvbjcam.reader on Windows platform
  • libdvbjcam.conf, libdvbjcam.reader on all other supported platforms

Step by step tutorial on dvbjcam/oscam usage is available on our forums.